The SeaHawk Galleries

Page published: 1 September 2016

When this site started, in 2004 this Gallery was used to show pictures of British SeaHawks, give a commentary on what one could see from the photographs and, in some cases, a little of the stories behind them. As the site grew owners from overseas began to offer pictures of their boats and the gallery became international.

As a result the majority of the pages in this gallery date from the early days of the site, but the material should still be of interest to those new to the SeaHawk and, perhaps, trying to gain knowledge about the class before buying an example.

Now we have a Gallery section of the Forum so owners can upload their own pictures to the site. There is even a My Boat section in which owners are welcome to log all their activities with their SeaHawk.

As a result it is no longer anticipated that this section of the site will be extended or updated, so do not assume that any of the boats are still to be found at the locations mentioned. The only updates likely to be made is where later knowledge renders some of the observations or assumptions about a boat incorrect.

These days it is recommended you register at the Forum and submit your own photographs and stories about your boat there.

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