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Page updated: 22 October 2012

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Having worked it's way along Blakeney's quay from the western end, the channel turns north and out to sea. The channel is thick with boats on tidal moorings that dry out. On the August Bank Holiday of 2005, near the end of the cars parked on the hard, the first SeaHawk to be encountered was Echo. Echo beached at Blakeney

Like Bluebird, further round against the quay, Echo has a simple answer to protecting its gunwales.

Echo veached at Blakeney

Echo shows all the signs of being a Reedcraft boat. Amongst these are the cockpit lockers and, especially, its pattern of non-slip panels on foredeck, cabin roof and cockpit benches. Although the jib cleats and their wooden mounting blocks are conventional, they are set much further out towards the fairlead than is normal.

There are two more signs that it was built no later than 1977. The first is the three eyes for fixing main sheet blocks and, something else that only became clear on this visit to Blakeney, the rudder pintles are of a distinct type. The lower bracket on a Reedcraft boat appears to have only one bolt either side of the pin, but on Moore's boats, such as Beagle and Bluebird there are four bolts, with the upper pair set slightly further apart.

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