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Page updated: 15 July 2004

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This is one of two boats moored in this area of very similar vintage, both having brown non-slip panels on the decks. However, this example also has a mass of additional wooden fittings.

At the bows, the first thing you notice that different about this boat is its forestay. It's mounted half way up the pulpit! It has a non-standard foredeck fitting too. The first of the wooden "extras" starts right at the front, the full length rubbing strip on the gunwale.

A Modern SeaHawk with unusal forestay, moored at the Pleasure Boat

On the cabin roof are wooden grab rails and twin mushroom vents, in the most popular location. It is probable that this is a four berth boat as not only is the appropriate strut visible through the cabin window, but the cockpit lockers are set sufficiently far aft to accommodate the extended quarter berths.

A Modern SeaHawk with unusal main sheet, moored at the Pleasure Boat

A mass of wooden fittings are found beside the cabin door, but the most striking thing about the cockpit is the arrangement for management of the main sheet arrangement, secured in the drainage channels moulded into the cockpit sides. When set this far aft, the cockpit locker is not a separate moulding, screwed into the cockpit sides, but is smaller but with a distinct lip making it easier to keep goods in when beating hard!

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