Price List &
Order Form - 1984

Page published: 22 October 2012

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The price list below reflects the SeaHawk as sold in the 1985 season, some eight years after Moores took over manufacture. The description of the "standard complete boat" confirms experience that suggests that throughout its life the SeaHawk was always offered in plain white.

This edition of the price list confirms that the provision of foresail sheet winches was a standard part of the boat, something not clear from the 1977 price list. In this list, the cabin door is specified as "two-part", and this also seems to have been standard throughout Moore's production whereas many Reedcraft boats have single piece doors.

This list confirms that part-built boats could be supplied, something many boat builders offered. Reedcraft is known to have supplied such craft, as reported by an owner of a boat in the Hickling colony.

The "Additional Items" will not come as a surprise to those who have read through the Description pages under The Boat option on the main menu. section or seen the notes accompanying boats in the Gallery Section. The "Additional Sails" section is different, however. Conversations with Jeckells brought up no mention of a spinnaker being available, off-the-peg, for a SeaHawk.The 1984 SeaHawk Price List

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The main point of interest in the order form is that in this version the optional colour schemes that were available is specified.

The 1986 SeaHawk Order Form

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