Price List - 1991

Page updated: 22 October 2012

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The description of the standard boat in this price list for the 1992 season echoes that of the 1986 list. Perhaps the most significant changes are the note that indicates that the sail plan has changed and that the part-finished boat is no longer mentioned. With the new standard rig, the additional sails are dropped from this list.

Judging from the number of boats seen with furling gear fitted, some of which clearly pre-date 1992, this appears to be a case of Moores following customer demands rather than being a manufacturer led.

There appears to be an error in the note about the original sail area, which Moore's brochure claims, as did the Reedcraft version, was 126sq ft. It seems likely that this is due to misreading the metric figure of 10.7sqM found in all brochures since the 1970 Reedcraft original.

The principal new item relates to cockpit lockers. These now come with doors. This would appear to be because Moores dropped that locker design it had been using since shortly after taking over production, in favour of a standard commercial plastic locker hatch with built-in seal.

The toilet listed is now chemical rather than a sea toilet. Perhaps because of changes to local regulations on the Broads, or because this is a cheaper option than a sea toilet, so keeping the apparent price down.

The 1991 SeaHawk Price List

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It is unfortunate that the order form, whilst indicating that the SeaHawk continued to be offered in a range of colours, these are not specified on either the price list or order form, in this 1991 version.

The 1991 SeaHawk Order Form

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