SeaHawk Sister Ships

Page updated: 7 December 2009

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The pictures on this page show a boat spotted on Derwent Water in the Lake District in September 2005. It clearly had the distinctive SeaHawk hull, a cabin that was different again to the Pedro/Señorita, and a distinctive yawl rig with substantial bowsprit.

Ace Of Sails - originally a mystery Yawl

It looked as if this boat might use the deep keel version of the hull seen in the Señorita. Four years later the answer was revealed, when a page from "Bristow's book of sailing cruisers 1975" arrived.

A Page from Bristow's book of sailing cruisers 1975

When first seen, the rig and small cabin suggested that it might have been designed as an angler's boat and in spite of the outboard, the vents in the hull, amidships, suggested this example had an inboard engine. It was even wondered if she had the Señorita's deep keel.

Ace Of Sails - originally a mystery Yawl from stardboard

The final observation, made before the Bristow's page arrived was that this boat appeared to sit higher in the water than a typical SeaHawk. The question was asked, "Does this mean she carries less ballast?". Now we know, she sits higher as she has significantly less ballast that a SeaHawk.

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