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This "Owners' Boats" feature was published in the February 2000 edition of "Practical Boat Owner" magazine and, originally, spread across one and a half pages. Scroll down to view magnified views of each segment of the article.

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The details of the construction of the SeaHawk, given here, are interesting. This is the first document submitted to the site that specifies the weight of the Chopped Strand Matting (CSM) that is used, or the type bolt used on the centre plate pivot. It is also the first document that suggests that not all SeaHawks weigh the same. Some variation in weight should be expected as other information has suggested that individual boats had varying ratios of concrete and scrap iron as ballast.

The Contact details given for those interested in new boats is interesting, too, as it suggests that at one time Mistral Craft were selling the boat themselves and only later became involved with Pyecraft Boat Sales.

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"Not such an Ugly Duckling" ran the headline" with the strap, "Clive Marsh rediscovers the strangely seductive Sea Hawk".

He certainly is not the only owner to have sold a SeaHawk and then buy another after trying a number of other craft, but Clive Marsh probably was to first to have had his story published.

In his case the story involved ownership of a Corribee, Lugger and Westerley Cirrus before he decided that they just didn't match the SeaHawk's overall benefits.

Clive first contacted the site through the Feedback Form (Now replaced with the Forum) on 4 October 2004, saying:

I have owned 2 Sea Hawks, Pelandock (Moores) and Merlin (Reedcraft). Excellent boats and very close winded. Merlin is currently owned by my son and is moored at Rye. She sails in the Channel between Dungeness and Hastings.

Unfortunately, at that time, he left no e-mail address and it was only later that Merlin was offered for sale through the site and contact was made with both Clive, and his son, to whom Merlin was eventualy passed.

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