Child Berth Refit

Page updated: 6 December 2009

At one stage Pippin had the comprehensive set of fittings in the galley area seen below. However, a new owner reported that they were not well constructed and by the time he acquired the boat they were deteriorating.

Pippin's Cabin before the Refit

He decided to remove everything and install a child berth over the space where originally a sea toilet was fitted.

Work in Progress

As part of the refit, all the additional trim was stripped out. Here, reinforcement is being added to the existing locker, built to hide the fitting for the sea toilet.

The cabin was given a complete repaint, hiding the signs of the addtional trim that had been removed.

Awaiting the Cushion, Toilet and Cooker

The new dark blue "leather look" cushion covers, lacking the piping of the originals, replaced the old ones on the main berths.

Not much has changed in the galley area from the boat's days with the previous owner. The convenient "lay flat" single burner cooker was retained.

Cooker and Toilet in place

A new cushion now sits on the child berth. A toning dark blue carpet is on the floor.

Berth Completed

This view also nicely demonstrates one of the problems with any SeaHawk that has forward berths. There is no room for a toilet.

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