Mast Repair

Page published: 21 February 2010

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It was new year. A message appeared on the old mail list (Now replaced by The Forum):

Happy New Year etc.

Not so happy for me though: a huge poplar fell on my Sea Hawk in the Hogamany storm! So much for taking it out of the water!

Anyhow, main damage is a bent aft rail, and kinked mast. Can the latter be repaired, or is a new one in order? Any suggestions as to source and price?

Tree fallen on a SeaHawk

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Two responses to the mail suggested an approach to Z Spars UK, the firm that supplied the spars for the most recent Mistral Craft boats.

Another report followed:

Just for info, my kinked mast is gradually straightening thanks to a dozen bricks in carrier bags and a workmate bench holding a wheel barrow hub as a fulcrum.

It'll still need a collar riveted on, of course, but that's cheaper than £1000 for a new one.

The final message said:

For information: The Hogamannay storms felled a tree across Sea Hawk mast, which snapped. A local firm shortened it by 3 inches, inserted a sleeve and welded it together. Cost: £76. (Cost of new one: £980 delivered).

Mast Repair

When asked, much later, for more information about the straightening method, it was described further:

The straightening rig merely used Mara as the fulcrum and hold fast. The upper mast hung upwards, the prow as fulcrum, and I tied increasing weights to its end over several weeks until it gradually smoothed out more or less. The welders then removed a couple of inches of wrinkly bits and sleeved (about 300mm) the inside ensuring the sail slide worked as it should. I replaced the ss rigging with nylon. It all worked well.

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