Selling a SeaHawk

Page updated: 9 November 2011

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Anyone is welcome to sell their SeaHawk through this site.

Newcomers to the site are encouraged to visit the Forum's For Sale page and register there. After responding to the automated email, they should find the "GregSeaHawk" link at the bottom of the forum page and send an email, saying they have a boat to sell. Their status will be upgraded to "Seller" and they will then be able to post their advert.

SeaHawk owners who have already posted a message in the "Introduce Yourself" section of the forum will already be full members and will have posting rights in the "For Sale" area.

Whether a newcomer or existing member, do use the advice in the FAQ on Inserting Images in the Forum to help present the boat as well as possible.

It is also possible to a copy of the text and images to be used. It will then be inserted on the For Sale page on your behalf. However, be warned that this approach may take longer and, obviously, you won't have the control that you would have when entering the advertisement yourself on the forum.

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It may be worthwhile selling a SeaHawk through a local boatyard, especially if brokerage services are free while using a berth there. However, if you have read the Buyers Guide, you'll know that many people are prepared to travel long distances to buy a SeaHawk.

It is, therefore, recommended that any seller should consider using nationally known web sites to advertise their boat and not rely only on those of a local broker as, for those not living locally, these can sometimes be difficult to track down. The sites listed here all appear to have a good record for selling SeaHawks.

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Most potential buyers will be travelling a significant distance to see your boat. It wastes your time, and their time and money, if you do not describe your boat accurately.

The most useful advert to a buyer will show detailed close-ups of different parts of the boat, taken specifically for sale purposes. There's no charge for adverts placed on this site, so submit as many photographs as you can. A single general view of the boat is of little use, except to show the boat's colour, especially if taken a year or more ago. However, be aware that most cameras make mainly white objects appear in far better condition than they are in reality, so be honest about the boat's condition in the text of your advert.

SeaHawks are frequently sold to first time buyers, who do not have all the ancillary gear needed to get on the water. Don't forget to mention everything that will come with the boat, from major items like the number and types of sail, engines and trailers, to smaller, but sometimes expensive to buy new, anchors, mudweights, fenders, paddles, life jackets, and so on.

Demonstrate the season-by-season care taken of the boat by giving as many dates as possible: e.g. when purchased, when major work done, purchase of new sails, professional engine services, and so on.

Sail boats are extremely personal things. No two owners want exactly the same from a boat. There's little point in doing a quick paint job for the sake of the sale. Many buyers will be suspicious of what obviously new paint is hiding, especially if it has been poorly applied. They will probably plan to change the colour anyway! Far better simply to give the boat a good clean.

To allow viewers to inspect the boat properly, you should clear the cabin and cockpit lockers before your viewer arrives. A cabin filled with clutter is no place to try to inspect sails for wear, especially if there are several suits to go through. Ideally lay out all the gear that is to be sold with the boat in a garage or some other dry space, so it too can be inspected easily.

Finally, have any paperwork ready that backs up the claims made in your advert, confirming when the boat, or other major parts, were purchased and when any work done professionally was undertaken.

Well presented boats, priced reasonably, do sell quickly when they appear on this site, especially if supported by adverts on the other nationally known sites. It's up to you to make it happen. In general if you are honest and realistic in your advert you will get a quick sale.

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