Price List - 1977

Page published: 21 October 2012

The price list below reflects SeaHawks to be sold in the 1978 season. Until the site received this document, in July 2012, it had always been believed that the move from Reedcraft had taken place in 1979, shortly before the fire in that yard. Now we know the change took place at least two years earlier.

It seems, from the price list, that Moores had new ideas for marketing the boat. For a start, it is the four-berth moulding that is the only one available. There is no suggestion that the Reedcraft two-berth layout remained an option and no Moore's boat has been seen featuring this.

However, three items appear only on this list and were dropped from later editions so presumably not all the ideas were received well by buyers. These were: cloth covered cushions, glass fibre interior lining and a compass in gimbals (two brands).

Rigging screws were listed as an extra on this price list, but appear to have been the default fitting for all Moore's boats, for although dropped from the price list, no Moore's boat has been seen with its shrouds secured with lanyard. Also interesting is that this early Moore's price list includes three sizes of Genoa. In later editions the largest of these is dropped in favour of a spinnaker.

Around the time this edition of the price list came to light, it was realised that what has been termed the Crossover Boat existed. This price list appears to confirm this (although it is open to interpretation) as, uniquely, it lists "cockpit locker doors and fasteners". (It is known that Reedcraft did offer cockpit locker lids as an extra.)

The 1977 SeaHawk Price List

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