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Page published: 22 November 2004

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Ilse van den Bosch, from Hoorn, has sent these pictures of their family's boat, bought in the summer of 2003.Banjer ashore in a cradle

One thing that stands out on this boat are the windows. The frameless look gives the SeaHawk a very modern appearance. Also note that no halyard cleats are to be seen on the sloping cabin top.

Banjer's Cockpit Boy on Front Deck of Banjer

In contrast to the sleek look of the cabin windows, Banjer's cockpit lockers suggest it is an older boat. The twin portholes are unusual and wooden decking appears practical for a boat used off-shore.

The sails, from North not Jeckells, look virtually new, or have been cared for especially well.

The halyard cleats are mounted further forward than usual and are designed with a quick-release mechanism.

Children on Fore Deck of Banjer Stepping aboard Banjer

With the portholes placed where the jib cleats would normally be sited, the cleats are moved out under the forward end of the cockpit guard rails. The size of the cockpit lockers indicate this is a two berth boat. Through the open cabin door, it is just possible to see the bulkheads and angle mast braces that confirm this.

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