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Page published: 7 November 2005

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A German correspondent sent this picture saying simply, "Picture from Seahawk".A SeaHawk pictured in Germany

Certainly this is a SeaHawk, but it has a rig all of its own. With the picture at its original size it's easier to make out what appears to be a bowsprit with a large nylon pulley set in a steel bracket at its tip. This may account for the tack point of the jib appearing to be secured to the putpit. Certainly the jib is oversized, and the position of the perspex window in it, suggests that it is designed for a dinghy, rather than a cabin yacht.

Neither is this the standard fractional rig, as the forestay reaches the top of the mast. Can anyone identify the sail emblem, which might help identify the type of boat for which the sails were intended.

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