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Page updated: 4 February 2009

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Jakob Poulsen discovered the site in March 2005 and sent pictures of his SeaHawk, Idun (#349). He had bought the boat in 1997 and uses it sailing around the bay of Århus, Denmark. Jakob has not seen any other SeaHawks near him and asks if he is the only one. Eva Pedersen, is Jakob's girlfriend and is on the helm in this first picture.

Eva sailing was Jakob's caption

"As you see, the orginal colour is green. Maybe a rare model?" said Jakob in his e-mail. Certainly, no one else has yet sent pictures of a boat in that shade.

Idun afloat in harbour

The cockpit lockers, set well aft, are of the type that would have been produced by Reedcraft, so this is a 1970's boat. The roof bracing, seen through the cabin window, tells that this is a four-berth version of the SeaHawk.

Idun's Interior

This boat has the full set of cushions, truly making it a four-berth boat, which here are stowed for day time use. The additional deep set of cushions that extend the v-berth to full-length are stored in the bows. The cabin also appears to have been insulated with cork tiles.

Launching Idun in the spring

Jakob sent a picture of Idun being launched in the spring. He did not make clear if whether this was an annual event or if he normally keeps the boat on his trailer. Certainly, the final picture here appears to be taken in winter, as there is snow on the decks of Juno. Jakob called this "Meeting at Sea". It's not clear whether everyone looks so miserable because of the temperature or because they'd all rather be sailing a SeaHawk!

A winter meeting at sea

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