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Page published: 27 January 2006

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This is a Postcard showing Wells Harbour, and was sent by a SeaHawk owner from Cheshire. In the foreground is Alpine Dawn.

SeaHawk #110

Alpine Dawn (#110) was bought new in 1971 and was kept by her original owner until his death in 2005. Writing about her father's boat his daughter said:

I can honestly say that of all the boats of that type in Wells, the Seahawk seemed most suitable and the best for sailing and my father never had a problem with his mooring. Certainly "Alpine Dawn" was used all over Wells - up the creeks and out to sea for between tide sails and she seemed quite capable of coping with everything!

The comment about the mooring related to a question one potential purchaser had about the ability of the SeaHawk to sit upright on a mooring that dries out. She continued:

My father had been the proud owner of Seahawk sail no 110 for 34 years and always sailed it at Wells next Sea Norfolk, in all weathers and had a huge amount of pleasure out of his boat.

Alpine Dawn is a two berth model and the postcard no longer reflect its colour. The Harbour Master in Wells bought her and she is now painted white. The original owner's daughter said:

I can't think of a better place for it to stay and I'm sure that my father would be delighted as he was Chairman of the Harbour Commissioners in Wells and he and Bob were great friends and colleagues.

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