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Page updated: 7 November 2005

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This boat is suffering the identical misting of the windows as Jemima. It also has an identical pattern of non-slip "pads" across the foredeck, cabin roof and cockpit, so it might be assumed to date from around the same time, 1973.

An early SeaHawk with upgraded rigging

The mast and standing rigging have been upgraded, with tabernacle and stainless fixings for the forestay and shrouds. However, the jib sheet jamb cleats are mounted conventionally, on blocks and, like Jemima, it has a split cabin door.

An early SeaHawk in Martham Ferry Dyke

The cockpit also has the right cockpit locker for a boat of this vintage, open with a wooden cill strip set inside the locker to hold items in place. All this is strange as, Jemima is #232, and Beagle is #376. The only significant difference in the two boats is the slight difference in pattern of the cockpit guard rails.

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