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Page updated: 7 November 2005

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This boat proves that it is possible for a SeaHawk to remain upright if it protected from the wind and settles onto a smooth surface.Bluebird against the harbour wall at Blakeney

Bluebird against the harbour wall at BlakeneyBluebird has the typical Moore's snubbing winches and the single transom eye rather than the three-point fittings for the mainsheet that would be normal on earlier Reedcraft boats. However, it is a rarity, having no cockpit lockers. It also lacks any of the usual non-slip finishes typical of a Moore's-built boat. This suggests that Bluebird may have started life as a "Standard Part-Built Boat" mentioned on the 1986 price list.

This is the only boat at this location with a coloured superstructure. It would be interesting to know if the white bloom is just dried salt and easy to wash off, or is the sympton of some more serious problem.

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