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Page published: 8 November 2005

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Graham Richards, bought Core'ngrato in 2001 and keeps her at either at St Ives or Earith on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire. "She frequently sails between pubs and makeshift riverside barbeque venues with the kids", says Graham. Graham happens to be the buyer for a chandlers and was able to come up with helpful advice for subscribers to the old mail list (Now replaced by The Forum).Core'ngrato on the Great Ouse

In the spring of 2005 Graham was looking for recommendations for an alternative to carpet as a suitable covering that could be applied straight to the interior to improve cabin comfort. He hasn't reported yet on his final decision.

Core'ngrato about to be launched in 2005

Also in 2005, Core'ngrato was fitted with a sea toilet. "This weekend after a couple of beers up river I decided no convenience is an inconvenience!", said Graham. "Removing the Blakes Sea-cock to do the job took serious driving force having been in there 20 something years! Lump hammer and broom handle off-cut sorted it." Following re-grinding the taper it was ready for the loo itself.

Core'ngrato about to be launched in 2005 "When I've had the chance she has travelled to sail the Crouch, Rutland Water and Walton-on-the-Naze." wrote Graham when submitted this set of pictures. To prove it he also sent a rather blurry one, scanned from a print. Unfortunately it was not really good enough for use on the site.

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