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Page published: 7 November 2005

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Amongst the collection of Blakeney based boats on this site, the first image here most reflect the nature of the channel into the harbour.Looking North at Fresh o' Wind beached at Blakeney

Although virtually impossible to see in the picture above, Fresh o' Wind does have the extra main sheet anchorage points missing on Moore's boats. It means that although one of the tidiest examples at Blakeney, it will date from the 1970s.

Bows of Fresh o' Wind beached at Blakeney

On the steeply shelving bank, Fresh o' Wind is healing more than some at Blakeney. But these pictures do, at least, show the nature of the flat-bottomed keel which leaves a long oval footprint about nine to ten inches wide at its widest point.

Looking across the channel at Fresh o' Wind beached at Blakeney

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