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Page updated: 1 November 2016

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Blurry, heavily compressed, images of Hakuna Matata, were first seen in Broker's sales particulars, issued in February 2005. In early 2009 it came on the market again.

What makes the boat unusual is that it is one of the rare examples with an inboard engine. As with many SeaHawks, it did not appear to be for sale with the Broker long. Details of the engine can be seen in the Description Section of the site.

Hakuna Matata from the Isle of Wight

The interior has been heavily customised, as is so often the case with SeaHawks used mainly at sea. The broker's information said this included an infill for the settee berths to make a double berth and a removable table. For another example, customised in similar fashion see the page about Clocharde.

Interior of Hakuna Matata The sales literature for both sales suggested that the boat was built by R. Moore & Son in 1978. There are none of the indicators present to corroborate that date, such as the cockpit lockers and the two-berth layout with galley moulding which are seen only in Reedcraft boats. Then there is the inboard engine. Moores is not believed to have built any boats with an inboard engine.

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