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Hugh Illingworth lived close to Rutland Water when he bought Mr Toad moving it from Oby Dyke, on the Norfolk Broads, where the previous owner kept it. He has since sold the boat. These photos, which include Hugh's wife and youngest daughter, were taken in 2003. The first shows the bows with the furling headsail. (See it unfurled on the Sails page, where there are also views of Mr Toad's specially made cruising chute in use.)

Mr Toad

The aft view shows Hugh's newly acquired Minn Kota motor electric outboard. Several owners who use their SeaHawks on inland waters use these motors. (Hugh's notes on his experience with this motor is in the Ower's section.)

Mr Toad

"Note the corks inserted into drains to prevent ingress of water when four or more adults are in the cockpit", says Hugh! Others are known to use corks from sherry bottles and fit them from the inside. Although smaller than wine bottle corks they seem to stay in place and have the advantage of an easy to grip plastic knob.

Mr Toad

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