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Penny as she was known when these photographs were taken has had her name changed a number of times. Her colour may take some by surprise! A SeaHawk with a "tangerine" hull is rare. However, when sold for the third time, this boat was advertised as still having the "original gel coat". She is believed to date from 1985, as the boat was supplied to the second owners with various paperwork including Moore's 1985 price list. This shows that the hull was then only available in "Anchusa Blue", "Tangerine" or "Red" with the deck moulding only available in "off-white".

Penny - up for sale the second time

This first picture was taken at the second owners home in 2002, the day that Jan and Ken Saunders decided to buy her. The vendor had bought Penny in 1991 from David Linder boats in Wroxham, buying the Boat, engine & trailer, It is on this basis that Jan presumed that the trailer was the original and that they were the third owners.

In 2005 Penny was on the market again. Apart from main and jib sails and a Johnson 4hp outboard, the boat was also being sold with a Seagull engine, suitable for a tender, spare fenders, mud weight, boom tent, paddle, folding anchor, two fuel cans, various ropes and other supplies.

Penny on Oulton Broad Penny's cockpit

Jan and Ken used to sail Penny mainly on the Waveney and kept her at Oulton Broad. They reckon that there is a colony of four SeaHawks on the Broad, but say that they failed to see if the other owners know of this site.

Penny is a four-berth boat. A picture of her interior appears on the Description section of the site.

When the boat was sold Jan wrote saying, "We will continue to visit your site as she will still be in our blood. The love affair with seahawks will always be there." That sentiment will apply for many owners!

True to their word, they are one of a number of owners who moved to a bigger boat only to return to a SeaHawk when Ken's failing health meant the new boat proved to big to handle.

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