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Page updated: 7 December 2009

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The pictures of the two boats on this page were taken by another SeaHawk owner whose boat was also kept at Whitwell, Rutland Water.

Piccolo, looking over the cockpit  Piccolo at her berth at Whitwell, Rutland Water

From the instrumentation and lack of tabernacle on Piccolo, it looks as though she has a sea-going past. However, the string of small badges on the transom tell of a lengthy residency at Rutland as these indicate the local berthing fees have been paid.

Tarka, at her berth at Rutland Water

Tarka, in contrast, does have a tabernacle, which indicates that she may have come from the Broads or some other river system where rapid lowering of the mast was frequently required.

One of these two boats was known to be owned by Henry Konopka, who wrote in 2009 saying, "I am a proud owner of Seahawk #370 which is kept at Rutland water". Unfortunately he failed to mention his boat's name and has not been in touch since. The best guess is that his boat was Tarka, as the cockpit lockers on Piccolo suggest an earlier number than #370

His note caused a further puzzle later, when another owner, who keeps their boat on the North Norfolk coast, also claimed the sail number #370.

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