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Page updated: 7 November 2005

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"Sapphire", seen in the first two pictures at Catfield Dyke in 2004, shows that you don't have to have an all-white SeaHawk. The blue hull and cream superstructure make a pleasant change.

The mushroom vents are located in the most popular position when a pair is fitted. It places the port vent directly over the cooker, if the standard sink/cooker moulding is fitted.

'Sapphire', another pleasant SeaHawk!

Rollocks means that this boat could be rowed. A set of hooks round the cockpit and cabin sides indicates a full cockpit tent is available. Although under canvass, additional accommodation with standing headroom is always welcome on a small yacht. The cockpit lockers set very well aft also suggest this boat has four berths, making the additional accommodation doubly welcome.

Sapphire may be a four berth boat

Sapphire was moved from Catfield to Hickling for the 2005 season. Here Sapphire is seen, in September 2005, just 200 yards from those moorings, tucked into the reeds at the head of Hickling Broad. If only the weather had been better, with the ship's dog keeping an eye on the float and in the background a thatched roof of one of a typical Broads boathouse, it could have made a perfect picture.

Sapphire, complete with ship's dog in 2005

In 2009 Sapphire was sold again and has now left the Norfolk Broads.

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