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Page published: 7 November 2005

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Zooming in, on the original of this photograph, it is clear that there is an "S" ahead of the obvious "CORCER" that comprises this boat's name. Easily misread as "Scorcher" or "Sorcerer", are there more missing letters? Please use the Forum if you can supply the answer.

Scorcer beached at Blakeney

Apparently a late 1970s example, this boat appeared in need of some anti-fouling treatment. Having a styrrup on the transom, which would make it easier to climb aboard from a tender when moored to a buoy in deep water, and taken together with its lack of a tabernacle, it seems likely that this boat has always been used on coastal waters.

Scorcer beached at Blakeney

As with many other boats this one's jib cleats have been moved outwards from the traditional position. Having them set in that position does have the benefit that, when at anchor, you can put your feet up and lean against the cabin without a cleat boring a hole in your back! More unusually, there has also been a horse fitted to replace the three-point main sheet arrangement normal on this vintage of SeaHawk.

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