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Page updated: 9 November 2011

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This is one of four SeaHawks that were based at Rutland Water in 2005. Charlie King, then owned this one, reporting that the internal layout was in the middle of being altered when he sent his pictures. Originally, it had the angled mast supports that, he felt, left the bow section unusable. These were replaced with a single support to the floor, but having seen smaller angled set-up he planed to alter it to that design.

SeaHawk #113, just launched

"Great yacht!", says Charlie. "Easy to trail, launch and sail. What more could you want?"

SeaHawk #113, ashore!

The boat has since undergone a full re-spray. Charlie also asked if anyone could supply the moulded storage inserts for under the deck seats. However, the evidence seems to be that there is no standard size for these and it is probably necessary to find someone with the right skills to make a pair as a one-off job.

SeaHawk #113, sails hoisted!

With a number of SeaHawks based at Rutland Water, it would be good if the owners could organise a "Snap-a-SeaHawk" day. Having some good close up versions of this final kind of picture would be great, and so useful when it comes to selling your boat too!

SeaHawk #113, going nicely!

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