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Page published: 20 July 2004

Go to TopA SeaHawk (BA E384)

This boat was found in a quay headed mooring bay in the grounds of one of the riverside bungalows near Martham Ferry.

An early SeaHawk with ochre superstructure

The indications are that it is an early Reedcraft boat. The shrouds are secured with line. The cleats for the jib sheets are in the standard location though, unusually, are not mounted on the conventional wooden block. The cockpit lockers are also of the type expected for a Reedcraft boat, a surface mounted moulding fixed with self-tapping screws.

The only modifications visible are that this boat does not have the jamb cleats on the cabin mounted on wooden blocks, there are additional jamb cleats fitted further aft in the cockpit and a rubbing strip fitted round the gunwales.

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