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Page updated: 17 January 2005

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The photographs of this boat show the Broads Authority registration number P113, but no other clue to her name or sail number. A few words with the owner revealed that this boat was bought as mouldings from Moores and "home built". This was not the norm for the SeaHawk, but the 1986 price list indicates that it was a recognised option at one time.

The lack of pulpit perhaps reflects its home-build origins. A tabernacle is fitted and the foredeck has an additional cleat starboard of the hatch. This suggests that the boat originally used a simple line to attach the forestay as is the case with the shrouds. Such an approach would have made it easy to lower the mast. The existing forestay does not appear to have a quick-release mechanism, which, perhaps, suggests that this boat doesn't travel too far these days.

Seen from the bows, a 'home-built' seahawk moored at the Pleasure Boat

On the cabin top is a pair of mushroom vents. From the earliest days of Reedcraft the fitting of these was highly optional. Some boats had none, while others had one or two. Even when fitted, their location is rarely the same from one boat to another.

A 'home-built' SeaHawk from the stern, moored at the Pleasure Boat

The rear of the cabin is as plain as you'll see, not even a handle to ease the handing of the cabin door. More common on later craft, this boat has winches fitted to the cabin side extensions, instead of the jamb cleats normally fitted to either side of the cabin door on early boats. It does, however, have a set of jamb cleats fitted to each side after of the winches, which should make single handed working much easier.

The cockpit lockers are of unique design. Although generally following the original Reedcraft design, other than being constructed of wood, they are a little larger than the standard locker. The 1986 price list indicates that cockpit lockers were extras so, clearly this boat was not ordered with the mouldings.

Finally, you'll see that this boat, like many of the later ones, is not fitted to use the four point main sheet.

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