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Page published: 7 November 2005

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There appears to be no name anywhere on this SeaHawk. The tabernacle, of the most popular design, means it could well have been used for cruising the Norfolk Broads at some time in its life.

An unnamed SeaHawk near the end of Blakeney harbour wall

The cockpit of an unnamed Seahawk at Blakeney This boat shows all the signs of being an early Reedcraft boat. The non-slip pads are of the pattern that was certainly being used in 1973, though it is not known when the design was introduced or for how long it continued to be used. The cockpit lockers are also of the Reedcraft type and set very well aft suggesting that this is a four-berth example.

The "interesting" engine colour scheme is presumably designed to deter thieves as it certainly makes it very distinctive.

If you know more of this boat please let us know via the Forum.

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