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Page published: 27 October 2008

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In 2005 Jeremy Sadler, who then lived in Australia, bought a trailer sailer and used to launch it in various local bays and harbours on the New South Wales coast north of Sydney. Here he is at Port Stephens: Aimee II at Port Stephens, New South Wales

Then he decided to move to a larger boat. His email continued...

I advertised and received some interest but when asked "what is the make" I could not answer - my paper work (boat registration for example) just said "unknown". One of the interested parties has just emailed me with the link to your website as very clearly I own a SeaHawk 17! Circa 1973 (based on the trailer date)

I thought your viewers might like to know there is at least one in Australia, and thought someone might even know how it got here. Were some shipped over to be sold commercially? Were they ever made here ? Or did someone load it into a container and bring it over themselves ?

Seeing your website gives such a feeling of history and identity it makes it harder for me to sell.....

Happy sailing all SeaHawkers.

Aimee II being rigged for launch Aimee II arrives at Port Stephens

The photographs on this page all appeared on the site advertising Aimee II. In a further e-mail confirming that the boat had been sold, he added...

We used "Aimee II" to motor up a river to a holiday home which you can only get to by boat. There are NO roads there. (AimeeI was a Lysander we owned when we lived in England and sailed from Chichester harbour and all around the Solent.)

Good luck. I really enjoyed your site and finding out more about our boat.


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