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Page updated: 7 December 2009

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'Devon' just arrived! Ingrid Schatz was the first SeaHawk owner to provide pictures of her boat to add to the site. She wrote:

I am a proud owner of one of those and I search for more informations on the net since long. This year we want to take it to the Como lake, Italy and want to buy a trailer. The first picture was taken in a hurry, imediately after tying up. The sails did not look as tidy as they should!

Ingrid later sent pictures of that Lake Como trip.

The images below include a close-up of an unusually substantial tabernacle. This suggests that "Devon" had been used in inland waters. There are Jeckells sails too, with the original logo, dating the boat to before 1976. Ingrid herself has "no idea about the exact age of the boat".

She says they are based "close to Hoorn" adding "we live along a small waterway between the lake of Alkmaar (nice to sail) and the Isselmeer (even nicer to sail).", confirming that she may well need that tabernacle!

"Devon" has the mast bracing arrangement found on the four berth variant. However, it has been fitted with a series of lockers rather than berths. Above these is non-standard shelving.

Starboard BerthAt the foot of the quarter-berth is a solid end. In an early boat, with the standard cockpit locker, this is not the normal arrangement. Instead the bulkhead would be of half height, and it would be possible to see the outline of the locker moulding from the cabin. but perhaps this is disguised by the lining the cabin has been given.

Looking over the bow to the horizon


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