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Page updated: 23 May 2006

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Brian Ollington purchased his SeaHawk in 1974 and wrote saying he has sailed Sea Holly every year since, on the Broads, at sea, and now at Blakeney, continuing, "where there many, as the drop keel is very useful. I still have the original bill for £1,222.48 boat, trailer, engine, sails, cover, and no V.A.T.!"

Sea Holly with the famous Blakeney Lifeboat Station in the background

Since then his grandson, Jack, has sent the pictures seen here. Anyone who knows the North Norfolk coast will immediately recognise the blue building in the background, the Old Lifeboat House, at Blakeney Point. He also reported that Sea Holly was built in 1973 by Reedcraft and bought on 15 January 1974 from Gorleston Marine. At that time the basic boat cost £695.

Sea Holly - at Sea!

Jack continued that he was, "amazed to see so many sea hawks still about. Next time I visit the boat I will endeavour to take some more close up shots for you. In answer to your question about how many SeaHawks there are at the point, I think Sea Holly is the only one. They are mostly in the Creeks at Morston and Blakeney and it seems you have found most of those! My grandfathers best friend Norman Jones is the owner of the SeaHawk Echo. If possible I will try and find some more details about her for your archive."

There are further pictures of Sea Holly, in the Owners section of the site, undergoing work on her keel.

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